Andrew J Speirs

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Andrew is a Professional Magician & Hypnotist residing in Scotland. Covering all areas such as; Ayrshire and glasgow.

Performing contemporary magic, fusing; psychology, hypnotism, misdirection, comedy and slight of hand to create moments of astonishment.

Andrew is perfect to perform at your wedding, corporate event, private party, and charity fundraisers.

This year Andrew competed at the Scottish Association of Magicial Societies’ Close-up competition. Receiving 1st place, and the Anne Warlock Trophy. Andrew also won the John Ramsey Rose Bowl for best close-up effect, and the Ian Adair award for Originality.

Everyone had a great time, you really made the night!

- Andrew -

Manager at Argos Extra

Really enjoyed your act, you’re going to go far

- John Smith -

President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians